Tuck pointing is a common maintenance procedure that is ideal for brick structures where the mortar is noticeably wearing away.  While bricks usually last about a century, mortar joints are more susceptible to weather conditions, especially in more humid climates.  “Tuck pointing”, sometimes referred to as “brick pointing or repointing”, is the removal and replacement of damaged or aging mortar and can help ensure the long-term integrity of a brick structure.  Tuck-pointing has an added benefit of being one of the most effective and permanent ways of decreasing water entry into brickwork. This is because the most primary means of water entry into a brick structure is through cracked or deteriorated mortar joints.  Large holes and washed out mortar are typical signs that tuck-pointing is needed.  This is a service that Apex can provide whether it is on a ladder, from a lift, or even on a boatswain chair in a safe and timely manner.