Because of the increasing popularity and wisdom of installing Solar Panels, Apex Window Cleaning is often being asked to clean Solar Panels. Our expertise includes everything from huge expanses of Solar Panels on the roofs of large commercial buildings with flat or pitched roofs to panels on a steep grade on the ground.  Solar Panels will lose 50%, yes, 50% efficacy when dirty. Our recommended cleaning frequency for Solar Panels is quarterly to properly maximize the efficiency of your Solar Panels.  Due to the fragility of most panels, we utilize de-ionized water-fed pole systems with special soft bristle brushes in order to prevent any damage.  We also avoid using any detergents or abrasive powders as they may streak or scratch the glass of the panels and cause shadows.  If the sun is beating down on the panels, water can quickly evaporate and likely just smear dirt around, so it helps to clean your solar panels on an overcast day, early in the morning or in the evening.  Give Apex Window Cleaning a call to discuss and schedule your Solar Panel Cleaning!