Whether it is vertical or horizontal pressure washing you have in mind, Apex will do its best to give you the cleanest look possible.  Because of our ability to access buildings off of ropes, certain areas that would normally require staging, scaffolding, or an aerial lift can be completed in less time and with less money.  Our employees are trained in the use of the equipment so as to not cause damage to the building, and any chemicals to be used will be environmentally safe, effective, and will not damage the landscaping of the site.

In many instances, water run-off from a building or sidewalk can flow directly or indirectly into one or more storm water drains.  Most cities have Storm Water Ordinances enforcing a zero tolerance policy, and failure to follow proper procedure can risk a steep fine for not only our company but also our clients.  At Apex, we are fully prepared to meet such challenges with the necessary equipment to block drains and capture or redirect water into an acceptable container or grassy area.  As always, all such areas and equipment are completely barricaded for safety.