What types of insurance do you carry? Are you licensed?

We carry all of the proper insurance policies including workman’s compensation, and we will happily provide a sample certificate upon request.  We also have all professional licensing that is necessary making us fully suited to provide our services while giving peace of mind.

Do you give free estimates on commercial window cleaning and pressure washing?

Yes!  We offer free estimates for both services within a 200 mile radius.

Does Apex guarantee customer satisfaction?

Absolutely!  Upon completion of a project, we schedule a walkthrough with our clients directly; however, if the client notices something even after we have removed equipment, we will gladly come remedy the issue with no additional cost.

What types of certifications do you have? Is your equipment OSHA certified?

Safety is a top priority for us, and we know that it is important to our clients as well.  All of our supervisors have suspended scaffolding OSHA certification and aerial lift certification.  All of our equipment is OSHA/ANSI certified and is inspected on a regular basis.  We take extra precaution on all job sites to make sure our work areas are enclosed and that ample notification has been given to tenants.

Do you give quotes for commercial window cleaning over the phone or per window?

Neither because ever window is different!  We prefer to meet with our clients in person so that we can assess the level of difficulty and accessibility of each window.

Do you provide services for water capture and remediation for commercial pressure washing?

Certain cities do not redirect their stormwater to a treatment facility, and therefore require water capture and remediation.  So naturally, many of our clients have concerns about taking all of the necessary precautions.  No need to worry!  We have the proper equipment and provide these services on a regular basis.

Does rainwater affect window cleaning?

Customers often ask if rain will affect their window cleaning, but it isn’t actually the rainwater itself that dirties windows.  Rain mixes with debris on the window’s surface such as pollen, dust, bird excrement, and spider webs and then creates spots.  This is why it is important to schedule consistent cleanings in order to keep your windows and frames free from spotting and hard water staining.  Call us today about getting your property on our regular rotation!

Do water-fed poles really work for window cleaning?

Yes, a water-fed pole system works great on nearly every type of glass and prevents the use of ladders to make it a safer option.  However, we recommend the system be used under forty feet to ensure that we are able to apply enough pressure to still achieve a finish free of spotting.  The technology itself works like this:  Water is pumped through a 3-stage filter system, then up a telescopic pole, and then out of a non-abrasive brush at the end of the pole.  The brush is then moved back and forth across the window to agitate dirt and debris and allow for impurities to be lifted.  The brush is raised off of the window, and the window is rinsed with purified water leaving a streak free and spotless surface.